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The sigmoid region, especially during the age incident to cancer, should receive attention, and here also any "best" tenderness or palpable masses should not be ignored unless due to gas or fecal matter in the large bowel, which can be determined by administering a purgative and having the patient return the next day for another examination. Without to the cochlea there can be no musical sense. A partial report of finances was also presented but could not be final because a number of bills belize have not been received or paid, but it was estimated that a substantial surplus would result. I detennined to remove it by resection if I could be reasonably certain of cost its being a solitarv growth. At drugstore the end of the first year the bath could be of infant The proper treatment of laryngismus stridulus was application of cold water. We should not consider a case of acute otitis in a child cured until we know that the hearing has returned to prescription normal. Intestine and dilatation of the larfre: on. This pra;atactic development of arthropathies is of importance, inasmuch as the recognition of these joint affections in their priceline real significance Is at such a time more difficult than when many symptoms of tabes lead to correct diagnostic views. Just how they got good there is not easy to say. Hooper had found that the constrictors cease to act when consciousness was suspended by the action of ether, and that abduction with dilatation of glottis was obtained by stimulating the recurrent laryngeal nerve when in consciousness was suspended.

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The life history of the organisms is as mail yet but little known.

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It is now ijenerally conceded that acute jjostoperative dilatation of the stoinach, also acute dilatation of this organ in nervous individuals, independent pharmacy of operation, is in most instances the direct result of the introduction of air into the stomach. The following day a dead fcetus was born, bearing on its corresponding wrist an "old" impression the exact size and shape, in proportion, of the burn on the mother's wrist.