The 10 skiagram showed the graft in excellent position. The course seems generic to be well thought out aud complete; in the section on agglutinins, however, it would perhaps be better if the titratiou experiments were performed with smaller increments of agglutinin iu the successive tubes. This patient made a precarious recovery, vomiting, tympanites, pain, constipation, and weak digestion being features of his progress through the first month after operation (world). In administering iron, however, it is better to give too much "drugs" writer does not believe that iron as such causes the dreaded pyrosis and gastric pains. The front pad I make by haying a pharma piece of wood turned the irtiape and the of a smaU hen's egg; sawing it through the center lengthwise, putting two screws into it through the holes represented m with sheep skin, to prevent rusting. It should be in the hands of every student of the perplexing"Negro Problem." It Is of special interest to physicians: prescription. In five hours the jiatient became more conscious, and in periods varying from twelve to twenty-four hours he had recovered of completely and all symptoms had disappeared. Being unable to replace his own boot he took a rubber one belonging to a comrade, put it on and resumed work, continuing his employment for about an hour, until drugstore the close of the day. Professor Skoda makes some remarks on this foundation case, Avhich is interesting in more than one point of view. The importance for of this fact can scarcely be overestimated when we reflect how often it happens that the most important symptom of such arterial wounds, bleeding, stops for a while only to develop later into blood-infiltration, with its consequent associate evils. To - a joint committee was appointed by the city council consisting of representatives of the Health Committee, the Port Sanitary and Hospitals Committee, together with two additional medical men nominated by the Liverpool Medical Institution, representing respectively the staffs of the various hospitals and the general practitioners in the city, to prepare the scheme. Moisturizer - barker, and youngest daughter of the Rev. It was agreed that online each member of committee should study the Interprofessional Code and make recommendations for amendments and additions at the next meeting of the committee. Poison has been swallowed, stir salt and ground mustand, of eadi a heaping tea-spoon, into a glast of water, and have it drank immediatdy (buy). At the same time the long robes top offended the physicians by giving drugs and undertaking general practice. He has also been mentioned the iu dispatches. It is'mpos:dbIe by surgical lirocedure in along these lines to correct immediately deformity whicli is the result of montlis and years of stretching and straining and wearing out.


All authors so far as I am aware agree in giving diseases of the internal ear as the chief etiological factor in suppuration of the brain; costco one-fourth of all the cases are directly attributable to otitis. Unless positively contraindicated by the disease or the and condition of the alimentary tract, he gives first an almost toxic dose of santonine.

One cafe occurred in my own ward in the hofpital, whete the patient got entirely well, of the fever, but the falivation refifl:ed every best polTible means I ufed, to reftrain it.