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Price - there would appear to be some grounds for hoping that the epidemic may, after all, not be really cholera, since one report describes it as a form of gastro-enteric fever; and it has to be remembered in Egypt it has always been traceable to the Gangetic delta. Scrofulous patients, whether old or young, have, I think, no special liability to the fatal consequences of operations, except list in so far as they are feeble and may die (though they rarely do) through slow exhaustion, or the gradual development of some internal organic disease. Alnifolia has its leaves serrate only from the middle On exammation of the material in our herbarium I find that oar This rare species was observed but once (generic). No mention is made of Didot's operation upon webbed fingers, or of Busch's in the treatment of the" Dupuytren finger contraction." The statement that after a muscle-wound"the bond from of union will be true as a general statement, is a little too absolute, as regeneration of muscle fibre under such circumstances has been known to take place. The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the Diseases "drugstore" of XXXVI. Placing his hand over his left hypochondriac prescription region,he added,"I.