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This instrument does not actually show those large granule masses which are so characteristic of ramollissement, and which I shall presently mention; but it shows the elements of these, or the fatty granules collected along the course "online" of the capillary vessels, and which is sufficient to contra-indicate the idea of mechanical softening." B-illiet and Barthez,' on the other hand, adopt an intermediate opinion when they say," II than an acute oedema of the highly delicate and easily injured texture of the brain, and the equally delicate lining membrane of the ventricles; but so rapid occasionally is its progress, and to such degrees does it advance, that it gives rise for the most part to countless lesions of continuity; and this, in the form of softening, disorganizes the brain and destroys life; if it should advance more slowly or to a less degree, it may very often continue a long time without marked symptoms." It certainly is remarkable that so much discrepancy of opinion should still prevail on this subject; but before making any remarks myself, I would again call attention to the fact that this effusion into and affection of the ventricular walls, although most commonly met with, is by no means an essential and invariable accompaniment of tubercular inflammation of the membranes. Dysuria; Difficulty of passing the buy urine. They will be pared down by the survival of the fittest and by the merging of two or more side smaller into one larger institution. Annual reports of the in board of trustees and officers to the legislature of the State of Maryland, the city council of.