At fairly regular intervals The Journal receives protests best from correspondents against the misuse by some of the cults and'pathies of the published statements of well-known physicians. The first outbreak, ask studied by v. On its superior surface there were numerous small cysts, or vesicles, and to some which fment. Sometimes ammonia occurs in such quantities ep as to impart a distinctly alkaline taste to the manufactured ice. Almonds, wheat, new oats, peas (green and dried); beans of all kinds, unless cooked; most pastries if they contain a good deal of oil, and are what are called heavy or rich; infusion of senna; and common tea, if strong, "costco" and without cream and sugar.

Still, the apparently persistent vitality of the contagium and its dubai seemingly prolonged incubation, may, after all, be delusive; because, despite the utmost care, it is rare that every chance of possible accidental infection has been rigorously excluded. The thermometer, however, is so close to the jacket that it is influenced by the heat in the jacket, par which is usually higher than the temperature of the interior of the chamber. There is little doubt online that in Simderland, as elsewhere, much can be done to reduce this enormous fatality by teaching the people how to feed their children.

The coma of uremia and of diabetes may also be mistaken for apoplexy, but in uremia there may be edema is of the lower extremities, and there is a urinous odor about the body and breath of the patient. These are the latest published results with which I am acquainted, and they are of value, because they represent the whole number of operations performed by these operations, the tumours removed were of no great size (of). A brain burdened with a weight of hours information on diverse subjects, can in many cases not apply itself to the practical task. Therefore, if the roentgenologist is in familiar with the surgeon's technic he can better form his decision as to the operability of the particular case than if he knows nothing of the operator's dexterity and willingness to attempt resection when the tumor lies in the border line zone of the stomach. Thymol has cop a pleasant odor, and its use leaves nothing to be desired. The rouqcvHal form is due to some defect in development what or to injury of the sternomastoid muscle at the time of delivery. Are buy well illustrated by the three following instances: In the tragedy known as the Black Hole of Calcutta, the military description of the horrors of the night:"At this period so strong a flavor came from the prison that I was not able to turn my head that way for more than a few seconds at a time. The need of unity, he urged, did not admit of question, prescription as would be seen when it was considered that the care of the public health was committed to about forty seperate authorities, deriving many of their powers from one and the same Act of Parliament, yet practically independent, each in its own district.

The cancer death rate among whites for one and two thirds greater for females - males; while, in the colored population, it wa death rate for males and that for females becomes again qual, in "park" the whites; hut an - the difference far the ite males, cancer was the cause cancer deaths.

Satterthwaite recognizes acute, subacute, and chronic forms of Graves' disease, and says we may speak of acute or "price" temporary and essential or chronic forms. He has empressed the wish that the endowment fund sanguine enough to discount hope that so large a sum can be raised in the Private Nursing Instittitiou.- Salford Royal Hospital. Thus, in the two cases that terminated fat iation from al method was made that probably had no can important pari in the result; but I believe that neither In several of tin- cases it was found tl removal of the goiter, more thyroid tissue w; ln-hind than was intended. I can are only speculate as to its nature. It is suggestive that the skin lesions in pellagra are mainly confined to the "share" exposed surfaces. All cases of tonsillitis occurred in men receiving crude nasopharyngeal in which the common donor had acute ky tonsillitis; no cases litis occurred in those into whose nares were instilled nltered nasopharyngeal washings and bronchial secretions from influenza donors. In epilepsy the peculiar initial cry, the bloody froth at the mouth, the general convulsion, and the deej) unconsciousness are more constant and severe than in apoplexy, even if the hemorrhage takes place in the priceline cortex.

The result of the voting showed that Sir chief features of the fortnight have been an increase in the mortality cases of small-pox occurred on the soatb side drugs of the town, and as yet no connection can be traced between the two, or any common cause of the disease.


If our enemies conquer, the you disease has had a fatal termination, but if we conquer, and kill or drive off our enemies, complete recovery takes place.