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Everything we can cause do to make more general the early recognition of angiosclerosis will bring added lustre to the crown of medical science and added service to our fellow men." A condition of some interest involving the retina, and of importance as a confirmatory sign, is the cherry spot of amaurotic family idiocy.

The whole bulb of the eye behind, the to chrysUUine lens. The treatment salicylic acid, colchicum and milk diet was followed faithfully for two weeks order without result. Of course very much more popular could be said about tuberculin as to test injections, reactions, etc., as well as the different forms of tuberculin, P,"i. He hnds that, in children when deformities are not developing, the fewer the operations performed the better; that, in adults, good acid results'are obtained by tendon transplantation with and without bony resection; and that astragalectoniy is preferable to arthrodesis of the ankle joint in cases presenting deformity. But lie forgets that the readers of the papers issued from the General Register Office are many of them persons to whom such comments are a great convenience: and, although we agree with him that fine writing is objectionable in official productions, we cannot tliink that on that account all writing whatever should be abstained from: prescription. Since beyond the mail finite world there b nothing, there is no superficies of a containing body that touches it, and the world as a unit is not in space; furthermore for the same reason it is not in any place. Since the sacrum is the movable bone in the sacro-iliao articulation, extension of the innominate is accomplished by prevention of its participation in the general movement of flexion upon the heads of the the femurs. By a continued use, in most cases it online ie diuretic, keeps the skill moist and perspirable, and improves the appetite and health.