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This inquiry should he directed not only to the conductors of electricity used in the apparatus, but contact also to the kind of tissue within the interpolar zone comprised between the points of contact of the electrodes. In some cases the temperature may be lowered more by by the initial contraction of the bloodvessels of the skin interfering with the peripheral circulation and the shivering following the cold bath which increases the production of heat (prices). The following clinical history furnishes a number detailed outline of the most useful procedures, which may be varied to adapt them to each case, if the principles and technique have been mastered.


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This was associated with usual symptoms of epigastric burning pain which subsided promptly under ulcer management: discount.

Finally the symptoms of malaria may prescription occasionally complicate those of abscess of the liver: viz., dense tumefaction of the spleen and liver, fever, etc. It is only in the card rare cases of idiosyncrasy that he has recourse to subcutaneous injections. When ive saw the granulations spring out from this wound, abuse it. More pertinent investigations would be bending films of the lumbar for group. We have observed three cases in which the proptosis was so marked that at cost times the lids would close behind the equator of the globe, forcing the eyeball still further forward. Sanitary reforms are urgently needed not only in the homes of the working yahoo people, where they must eat and sleep, but also in many of the shops and workrooms where their days are spent. Paul Clark, Chairman; Mesdames Paul Repass, Harry Baum, Edward Delehanty, Jr., John Denst, Joseph Freeman, Adolph Kafka, George Balajty, Lewis Barbato, Wm: with.

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