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We know that by a rigid system of quarantine we can protect ourselves, but lloyds we are practically powerless to protect these wanderers of the sea against the insidious and deadly infection to which the exercise of their calling exposes them. A great number of individuals of his family, descended from a common ancestor, had six fingers and six toes instead of five: take. No further rave attacks occurred until he was fourteen years of age. The pollution of rivers, streams, and wells in towns, villages, and farmers' homes sub.iect families to tedious and fatal diseases which a and wise sanitation could avert. Another one of list the modern preparations we are using a great deal in our local treatment is holocaine. Tampa - all the children that have hitherto become consumptive have resembled the mother in bodily configuration and features, except this gentleman, who is like his father's family, but who, nevertheless, labors under It becomes a very interesting, and a very important question, whether acntt;.-,.? peculiarities can be transmitted. Wollaston was subject to this optical defect: ie he frequently found that only one-half of the object he looked at was visible: and he wrote an ingenious paper in the Philosophical Transactions to explain this.

Finally, another ligature is drawn through the edges of the part of the upper lip from "of" which the septum was taken. But thanks to the recent discoveries and developments that have been made services in regard to the pathology of tuberculosis, we have within our power, in the way of prophylaxis, more effectual means with which to combat this mortal disease, and, fortunately, we can see much brighter days in store for the whole human race. It is perfectly possible to give some of these chemical substances and have fecal discharges which do not smell "discount" at all, still you can cultivate bacterial growths from the excreta, showing that disinfection has not been accomplished.

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