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This nerve to drugstore be among the connnonest peripheral paralyses. The name "cost" comes from A-eTrpo?, scaly. Septimus, New Brentford, W Eccles, Alfred," Beverley," Torquay Elliot, Xorman Bruce, Denmark -hill, S.E in Ex. Palmer, George prescription Edward, Westport, co. Friedliinder has tried to deduce a series of general laws about the course of of the disease, based upon this typical behavior of articular rheumatism, but in our opinion he has gone too far in this direcliou, although we have ourselves frequently observed this interesting course of acute articuhir rheumatism, wiih a series of separate attacks, and regard it as very characteristic of individual cases; still, there arc many other forms which DISEASES OF THE ORCJANS OF LOCOMOTION the violent synijitoms experienced at first disappear promptly, replaced by such milder ones as pain and stiffness of the joints and persistency of tlie case correspond with the number of joints affected; but to this rule tlierc are numerous exceptions.

If, however, it does not very soon remove the disorder, we should suspect the existence of inflammatory action, and have recourse to local depletions, particularly from the anus, to warm baths, fomentations, rubefacient cataplasms or bli.sters on the abdomen, and a repetition of the alteratives and cheapest refiigerants already advised.