On the hospital ships carrying patients from Corfu to Sidi-Abdallah no prophylactic measiu-es were taken, with the result that, allowing for the necessary period of incubation, the crews forthwith online developed the disease.


In women it is best often impossible to say whether the condition is neurasthenia or hysteria. The skull is nearly oval in form, convex externally, the bone being much thicker at the in base than elsewhere, and it is, in every respect admirably adapted to resist any injury to which it may be exposed, thus affording ample protection to the brain substance which it envelops. Calhoun Lecture cypress on the opening day.

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The question was to fully argued on both sides on Monday and Tuesday, but the Court deferred judgment.

Direct involvement is seen in tumors of the cerebello-pontine angle, affecting the eighth and usually the seventh nerves, in tumors of cvs the cerebellum, and in aneurism.

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