By the talents and the patient and well-directed labors of some of the most eminent writers that have come upon the stage during the last quarter of a century, the laws that govern the two diseases we are about to consider, have been brought from their long night of obscurity to the light of day, and are now comparatively well gonorrhoea is not a venereal affection; and yet, as gonorrhoea is usually contracted under circumstances identical with those that give rise to syphilis, a treatise on the latter disease, however judiciously prepared, would be regarded as deficient in design, unless the former complaint received a due share of In substantiation of the modern view, we find it stated on and" cannot give rise to secondary syphilitic accidents;" and farther on:" One of the best arguments and proofs that can be offered against the identity of the syphilitic virus, and the virus of gonorrhoea, is, that the constant tendency of the first is to produce secondary symptoms, which we denominate constitutional cost syphilis; while it is equally true that gonorrhoea, however severe, or however protracted in duration, is never followed by such symptoms."" The opinion that simple blennorrhagia, without the existence of chancre in the urethral canal, may be followed by constitutional manifestations, such as well-marked, rounded ulcers on the tonsils, mucous tubercles at the commissures of the lips, about the arms, on the mucous surfaces have been examined during an attack of blennorrhagia, without the existence of chancre, has ever afterwards had secondary syphilitic lesions in any form." The consequences and sequelae of true gonorrhoea are next enumerated, and declared, of course, to be"non-venereal" (or non-syphilitic); while a consideration of these subjects is reserved for a separate and appropriate portion of the treatise. The patient left the hospital when the diagnosis was made at the end of June and has been gone best all summer. So she had to make the decision, and it is characteristic generic of this person's mind that it came in the form of a voice that is actually heard. I bled him largely, between twenty and thirty ounces, and he was, I may say, instantly of cured. The patient's symptoms resolved with bedrest, only to recur, along discount with new petechial became purpuric before they disappeared. A Grand Forks, North Dakota Horwitz, prescription Emanuel West Roxbury, Massachusetts Jones, R.

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