The bodily weight increased by one-half kilogramme (about The influenza has been quite prevalent in a number of cities during the past month. The superintendent at each monthly visit of the trustees shall also report to them the name of any inmate who was idiotic at the date of ment to be beyond cure; and if he thinks that such inmate may be discharged with safety to himself and to the public, the trustees shall order his discharge and cause him to be removed of insane minors, if of sufficient ability to support them there, shall, within thirty days after an attack of insanity, without legal examination send them to the hospital and give to the treasurer thereof the bond required (mg). One of the brothers could form no idea whatever of colours, though he judged very accurately of the form and other qualities of objects; and hence he thought stockings were sufficiently distinguished by the name of stockings, and could not conceive the necessity of calling some red and others blue. The ethers varied in amounts necessary to produce the required anesthesia, and the nausea and ill effects following the administration also varied. Some interesting statistics were shown regarding the chronological occurrence of the cases, as is shown by the following table: The usual explanations that tetanus depends upon accidental, secondary infection of the wound, upon the local prevalence of the tetanus germs, upon the carelessness in the subsequent treatment of the vaccination sore, and upon the use of shields, were considered and eliminated as important factors in the The relation of side the tetanus cases to the viruses used is shown by the following table, in which it appears that a certain virus called E has, following its employment, three times as many cases of tetanus as all the other viruses put together. R and T are always present in physiological conditions at least, while is Q and S may, either one or the other or both, be wanting.

The editor often regrets that Dr. This being so, it seems natural to suppose that the chief indication in fever must be to supply a large proportion of proteid in "buy" the diet.

Even in these patients there is evidence of some hysterical taint in the history: migraines. In those portfons of a lupus paten Where there is no actual sloughing m a result of tne injectioiisi vs but only inflammatorv svreliiag; the tubercular tissue gradually disappears, although there can be no doubt that necrotic portions are scattered through its substance.


DB Havilland Hall could not distinguish it from the neurotic congh of hysterical young women, and therefore could not regard "cost" it as a clinical entity. It was very difBcuTt to separate glycosaria from diabetes in insane esses, for directly they patients eertainly suffered with tme diabetes, batt others ouMst of tbe known operatiops for Ptosis,, but especially generic performed Bverbnsch's operation eleven tSmes, and Snellen's bperatiotu at all he advised the performancie. In some cases, the opacity is very narrow; and, in other cases, it becomes much broader; but he has never seen it interfere with vision, a sufficiency of the centre of the cornea for this purpose being left transparent. After freeing the atrophic anxiety glans of the clitoris, he has found within a few weeks that development to normal size has tal'cen place. In the treatment of heart disease first place should be given the myocardium. The procedures thus far employed are lateral incisions, one over the radial border and one over the ulnar border, effects with detachment of the llexor tendons and the insertion of the same into the extensor tendons. Adams:" Much depends on the age of the child in diagnosing this disease. Piled up upon the cells that form the basal layer, there are generally quite a number manufacturer of irregularly shaped cells which give the appearance of stratified epithelium.

The superintendent shall receive, if requested to do so by the person so confined, at least one letter in each week, addressed to one of the visiting committee, without opening or reading the same, and shall without delay deposit it in the post-office for transmittal with the proper postage-stamp affixed thereto; but shall be entitled to the benefit of the writ of habeas corpus, and 80 the question of insanity shall be decided at the hearing, and if the judge shall decide that the person is insane, such decision Care and custody of the person and property of idiots, lunatics, or habitual drunkards is vested in Probate Court. But the enthusiasm of the audience was somewhat dulled by the remarks of xl Oberstabswzt Kfihler at tiie end of the lecture.

In steria, pursuing as they do a developmental and chronic course, must be due there to some definite and deep-seated disturbance of function.

But the practical answer is more condusive still: some of the very hut ojiees proposer who makes choice of the Equitable Society, the Metropolitan Life Office, the Hand-in-Hand, the Pelican, the University, and some others that might be named, need not be much concerned as to what the other Life Offices will or will not do: for. It will run like murrain in cattle, scab in sheep. La - tiiere, and so set up frMh centres of tubercular disease. The - presence at ingrowing columns of cells inderal operated for Rapture of the Ureter. Uses - in these three cases it was a conspicuous and enduring symptom and at first sight resembled the ophthalmoplegia from nuclear degeneration. The patient commonly complains of weakness, and various disorders of the digestive price organs.