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In order to pass, a candidate must make fifty per cent of marks' in each subject (usp). At - if it were retroverted, intraabdominal pressure tended to force the uterus down and out of the vaginal canal, and the entire vaginal walls were thus forced down. When using the former, the legs must be flexed firmly and secured upon the pelvis, so as to place the strong muscles entirely'out of commission.' The error which leads to this accident is that allowing can the legs to remain half extended, thus making a fulcrum for leverage out of the hopples and ropes by leaving the legs in a convenient position to admit a free and forcible use of the large muscles. G A Aschman, side-effects Wheeling; Percival Lantz, Alaska; J C Irons, Elkins. The treatment of insomnia may be classified under four general for heads: Hygienic, including hydrotherapy, dietetic, psychic, and medical.

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