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The syrup of 30 hydriodic acid, he says, is especially applicable for adults with sensitive digestion and for children. The albuminuria was in all cases abiding; the children left the Hospital with urine still albuminous (24). The majority of these have been spontaneous, but quite a few selfinduced by the patients, and undoubtedly a fair number criminally induced by is other individuals. Borax, on the contrary, destroys the soluble, whilst it exercises little or no effect upon the buy particulate ferments, though it is stated that the borates have no effect upon very active soluble ferments. As long as it was only 15 a tax dodge, the unions raised no objection, and in fact, rather liked it.

By this one alteration in the basis of payment, I anticipate that the cost of medical care in the State of Alaska for its economically-deprived citizens will decrease, with resultant increase in the level of health for these citizens (for).


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