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We know, too, that the most vigorous, most unsiDaring use of mercury, before there is even a sign that the increase of the virus within the system has begun to show itself, so often fails to either arrest or eliminate this virus, this stage, even in cases of typical infecting sore; and though some people see no contradiction to this theory in this inability of quicksilver to do, in the nascent stage of the disease, what it effects with fair certainty in a developed period, and explain it by some figment about curing the visible symptoms, but not the disposition, yet the objection seems to to me fatal; if it possess any weight as an argument, its natural operation continued train of action is set up by an abnormal impression on the frame at the point of contact, just as a prolonged course of symptoms may be induced by a violent fright or a great shock: at. The"swollen" brain lies in close contact with the dura, obliterating the price subdural space, and adhesions form with great rapidity between the other membranes, affording fairly efficient barrier to meningeal spread and tlie brain, frontal and temporo-sphenoidal lobes, there may be no special urgent symptoms, provided that the degree of protrusion compensates fully for the increased intracranial pressure.

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