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A more rapid method of identification was devised as follows: The presumptive typhoid-hke colonies were generic fished and subcultured directly into litmus dextrose agar, by making a combination streak and stab culture. On stopping the chair the endolymph continues to move and the person has the sensation of turning in the opposite direction, namely, to the left, although as a matter of fact he is sitting absolutely quiet in the chair (best).

Discount - if I mention that one monkey was treated with spinal fluid, but unsuccessfully, I think I have mentioned all the facts we found in infantile paralysis cases.

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If gas appears, a portion of the liquid is plated on agar, practically as in procedure A above, for the determination of B: care. Ridgeland - sometimes when quinine is objected to, salicine or biberine, if at hand, may be tried, or quinine made into pills with mucilage; but, despite of Dr.