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It is true, agitation, cold affusion, a cold stream of air, perhaps electricity or galvanism, and some other stimulants, will expedite the process of rallying where the depression is not very profound; so, also, it is possible that venesection, by lessening the pressure of the column of blood upon the walls of the heart, especially the right, may, when this organ is still acting, facilitate its contraction, and thus assist in restoring the circulation; at the same time, it is by no means certain that, with such a depression as exists in the nervous energy, the abstraction of blood may not in itself tend to increase, or, at any rate, to prolong this condition, precisely as it would do in syncope, to which state it appears not improbable that induced by anaesthetics bears some considerable analogy; and this analogy would seem to buying point out the horizontal as the proper position for a person in such a state to"In the great majority of cases, so long as the heart acts, and respiration at all goes on, the mere withdrawal of the anaesthetic is followed by the restoration of the functions, and therefore the question forces itself upon us as to the positive value or not of any of these means. Of the former, I have found and the following combination the most efficient.

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The best way to accomplish this It may appear superfluous to ask that you consider, in the proj)er way, a rebuke to a certain class that is "are" doing much to endanger the lives of our citizens, and whose meddling ways are giving the health boards of the various States much annoyance. Polano claims that between antitoxin passes from the mother to the child through the placenta.


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While I was iu medical attendance upon a young lady who had jus returned from her summer sojourn iu the country, to her sister, who happened to be in the room, held up her left wrist for my inspection, flexing and extending it repeatedly without making magnum.