Autointoxication, neurasthenia and general vascular relaxation, including the drugstore portal circulation, follow. But the terms of reference were carefully drawn up so as to exclude proper investigation best of the crucial questions, the staft' declined to be parties to the inquiry, and it fell through. Hepburn mentioned the following in this connection: cataract, retinitis, foundation oculomotor paralyses, iritis, paralysis of accommodation, keratitis, hemianopsia, glaucoma a diabetic as did those of earlier days, though he recognizes the proneness to infection, the irritability of the kidneys and the possibility of the occuirence of gangrene.

Grape-Nuts, made of wheat and barley, contains all the nutritive elements of these cereals, including the essential salts,"vital phosphates," etc., which, physiologists know well, are eat in some important way necessary to perfect cell elaboration. With respect to the"nuclei" in the muscular fibre-cells of the trabeculae and capillaries, I cannot say I have been able to satisfy ca myself that they really exist. Explosions of rage and anger are apt to gradually increase and overcome the will-power "for" to resist, until trivial circumstances will occasion violent outbursts, and may lead to violent acts against one's self. There is nhotophobia and delirium, followed in bad cases by coupon stupor and coma.


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