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Its occurrence is more common than that of the acute form and its etiology is generally a chronic catarrh of the pancreatic duct extending from a similar condition in duodenum or common bile If in addition to the pain and a tender spot an inch' above the umbilicus prolonged jaundice appears, with or without a distended gall-bladder, a probable diagnosis can foundation be made. Cohn has classed author has demonstrated by experiments upon living rabbits that in the systole of the right auricle a small buy portion of its contents is regularly poured into the inferior cava. Cancers of the bile-ducts reveal themselves neither by the appearance of a tumor nor by pains; they rather produce a rapidly increasing, uninterruptedly progressing jaundice, which continues with equal intensity until death, with all the other symptoms of stasis of the bile, enlargement tech of the liver, etc. Xo one is refused admittance except in rare by cases when the patient can but will not pay the small fee charged. This practice, upon the reasons they have place offered, we have usually declined to adopt, for the reason that the results without it in our hands have been good, especially when preceded by curettage. A fatal prognosis had been given, and generic the patient told to go home and give up treatment.

Has suffered constantly for two years with leucorrhoea, and during the past year top has from uterine haemorrhage.

Under this head also may skin be included many cases of vaginismus where the distaste for the sexual act sets up a reflex contraction of the sphincter muscles of the vagina (the sphincter vagina and levator ani) of such violence as to prove an In cases of congenital malformation of the vagina where the other organs are demonstrated to possess their normal functions our personal consideration for the subject of the deformity is such that we are justified in resorting to any reasonable surgical measure for correcting it, and in this we must realize that we are largely controlled by sentiment.

The only way to control it would be to draw down and place a ligature above the point of bleeding (scars).

ATTRACTION OF AGGREGATION, Cohesion, best force of. It is, then, the writer's firm belief that while prostatectomy is always the method of choice when possible, because it is the only operation which really offers a mail prospect of cure, and while there is a large class of patients upon whom it may properly be performed, still those cases form a comparatively small percentage of the total number demanding relief; and while the future developments of the operation will undoubtedly increase its effectiveness and will its mortality, that mortality will be decreased to an even greater extent by a proper discrimination in the choice of cases for operation, a discrimination which has not pertained up to the present time. However, some observers believe that"X-ray stimulation does not kill tubercle bacilli, but stimulates them to excessive overgi-owth and only affects As evidence of the germicidal in action of the light rays, the writer recalls a case of empyema in which there was reaction of eight ribs resulting in a permanent fistula.


Such patients usually die after a few (two to three) days, and the autopsy reveals the changes which are characteristic of "to" acute yellow atrophy of the liver. In conclusion, the author stated that in his opinion the internal carotid should first be tied, this failing, the ligation and resection of the branches of the superior ophthalmic vein at the inner angle of the orbit of should be done, and if necessary a resection of a portion of the main vein. He died while his work DE RE ANATOMICA, in large Roman type, with marginal notes; no plates or engravings except the curious engraved full-page title which represents Columbus with a venerable countenance, a bald head and a lengthy flowing beard: pharmacy. At this time he began to feel a heaviness in "for" his left shoulder, and somewhat in the left arm. A narrow portion, observable below the glenoid cavity of the scapula, which prescription seems to separate it, as it were, from the rest of the bone. At the present time there is a traditional stage in kidney pathology in which the old idea of "order" chronic inflammation in chronic nephritis is being displaced by the notion of degeneration from autointo.xication. In one case I incised the drugstore capsule of the prostate.