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Of the second two, one was inoperable, and the other lived two years after "natural" removal without recurrence, and died by suicide. Thyroid extract and Vitamin A were not administered (test).


The surgeon should be assisted in the care of cheap such convalescents by an internist trained for this purpose.

Micro-organisms are prescription often determined in such cases, and they are usually identical with those which are found in the acute variety of the disease. A minority of best the instructors speak English well and perhaps as many more speak it in a halting sort of way. Dr Wright, on this occasion, of gave the same advice to Dr Garthshore which he would himself have adopted under similar circumstances. The skin in elderly people usually undergoes changes more or less order degenerative in character.

It has been clearly generic shown that with this agent, comparatively satisfactory anesthesia accompanied by very little cyanosis may be administered in selected cases for practically ai y surgical procedure for periods of time sary oxygen so dilutes the nitrous oxide that anesthesia is profound.

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