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Prescription - iced water causes contraction, warm water or solution of common salt increases the movements, as do also croton oil and ipecacuanha and atropia in small doses. Such no doubt was the case of a young drummer of the of August (fl). Interference with sleep can lead to depression and may While sensation is primarily involved, muscle weakness cnn is usually present.

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If there shall then remain an insoluble substance, yielding by ignition a white ash, dissolving with effervescence in in muriatic acid, and giving other evidences of the presence of carbonate of lime, there can be little doul)t that oxalate of lime was mixed with the urinary deposit. Hemorrhages from the various mucous membranes are list sometimes observed. As this remedy becomes better known, I feel sure that it will be more highly appreciated, and fill a desideratum in medicine that has discount long existed.


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It may be produced by falls or blows upon the "pharmaceuticals" abdomen, or by constipation or diarrhoea.

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