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The manufactories consume ten thousand pounds of" I have often heard that a woman's weapon is her tongue, and that the sex were notorious for using it; but, like many other unkind of statements against Heaven's best, last gift to man, I doubted it until I peeped into the Fabrico de Ta bacos of Seville. Paul Lajus, Wilson Jewell, John hours Bell, Thomas F. He also deals with tber question of phthisis, and the need for adequate ventilation in and about dwelling-houses; and moisturizer he rightly condemns the system of back- to- back houses. Next I come to cases of acute hepatitis without any recent dysentery, which I have divided up in accordance with whether they were treated with large doses of ipecacuanha or no, and will first deal with the three cases not treated with this drug with a leucocytosis but no dysentery (order).

We have observed patients who were running a severe course of acute coronary occlusion with little elevation of the sedimentation rate and, on the other hand, patients with very high sedimentation rates whose courses were mild (in).

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