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Particularly to 100 the surgery of the head and the pituitary body. The nature of the accident, however, remained unknown; nor, although there was considerable diflicidty in stopping the bleeding, was it supposed that any alarming or extraordinary occurrence had taken place (hcl). It shall be binding' upon the treasurer of the medical society to issue money on these notes when they shall have had the signature of four of the members of the BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the above described Loan Committee shall elect each year a chairman who shall be responsible for receiving applications for loans and shall investigate such requests for loans in a thorough manner and shall within ten days contact, if possible, each member of the Loan Committee who shall then approve or disapprove the loan as he or 50 she sees fit. Overdose - paget enlarged on the necessity of great caution in using instruments, and on the increased risk of making false passages when tlie urethra is in a softened state from congestion and inflammation; and advised that the same reliance should be placed on opium, rest, and the warm bath fjr reducing the swelling of the urethral tissues in cases of spasmodic stricture, as for relieving the tumefaction of the nasal mucous membrane in ordinary"cold in the head." The use of the catheter should, Mr. Used - thus, he referred to the complexity of the hypnol ii- condition: to the fact that mental and physical activity cliariictens.Ml to the fact that he ceas.'d to believe in an involuntary moiuv ideism, and slated fully and fon-ibly that the volition was absolutely unimpaired. This facility will be located is atthe Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage where library work is already in progress, under the directionof Dr.