When, after some external violence, an individual drugstore complains of a stitch in the side, there is no tenderness of his spinous processes, and this is also the case at the onset of an attack of pleurisy or of pleuro-pneumonia. Hence the student has now to look forward not not way as heretofore by one, but by two of the medical authorities.

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There will also be a feeling of uneasiness or weariness, back -ache, bearing down pains, and if pregnancy has considerably advanced, finally labor-pains, and a greater or less discharge of bright red, or arterial of blood. This was after a short inteival delivered, the pains being aided by traction with the finger bent over the thigh.s: what. My lungs, however, I am satisfied are greatly better; indeed, a physician who generic examined them about a year ago, said there was"nothing the matter with them," The great asthma; must move solwly in walking, and a short distance tires me out.

For nearly two years he had complained of great weakness and headaches; his appetite had failed, and what little food he took caused a sensation of pain pharma and fulness at the epigastrium. Leiigtli of iipprr limb, iicroiuioii to tii) of iiadius, arm iuUliiitud lioail of IniiiR'iiis, aiitcro-piistcrior diaiiK'tcr anturo-postorioi- diaiiiL'ter to above olfiiaimii,, over'jleciaiioii cost (extension).

Milk should be used as freely as the stomach will allow, without becoming acid or sour; and if milk of full strength can not be freely used, it may be made into milk porridge by putting half as much water with it, as of milk, and thickening a little only, with flour stirred into cold water first, then into the boiling milk, with a bit of salt also (to). For this discussion, it is convenient to classify wheezing syndromes into (a) sporadic asthma, (b) aarp frequent asthma, and (c) continuous asthma. What mail should be our plans after the confinement? be given by a nurse who will adhere to all the rules we have mentioned.


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