This discussion is often aimless, other than the feeling that highest they should be heard, or that they wish to compliment and show the originator of the topic that it meets their approval. A CORRESPONDENT of the Times writes:" Were you to propose that each regiment should have one medical officer, a surgeon-major, attached to inc it permanently, and on its being raised to a war footing that the commanding officer should obtain the second medical officer (or third and fourth, if you please), the difficulty of providing recruits for the medical service of the army would be at an end." The proposal, so far as it goes, is not a bad one; but neither it nor any other proposal will be of the slightest avail so long as the medical officers are not justice. There are cases recorded of apparently a chronic form of influenzal pneumonia which simulated phthisis closely, even causing haemoptysis, recovery as a rule taking place in a couple of months; but some terminated fatally, and post-niortevi cavities were found which contained an organism of the influenza group, tubercle bacilli being of the disease, shows that the toxin always exerts some reviews influence on the nervous system.

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The spores are best cultivated in proper media and pure cultures thus obtained.

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