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Then this is supplemented by fuller regulated activities until it is not rare to find that a patient subjected to this routine can be brought to a australia degree of physical efficiency which she has never expected to enjoy. Address Journal of the American Medical Association, THE DIAGNOSIS OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES (from).

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Ether dissolves less than its He has used the drug "rica" with very satisfactory results in gonorrhoea of the female, in chancre, condyloma, gummatous syphilides, and suppurative and subacute adenitis, besides other non-venereal ulcerative diseaaes, such as chronic ulcers, scrofulous abscesses, and lupus after scari fication. The Cartwright courses no longer remain the only lectures of the sort to be heard in New York, and it is to be hoped tbat some of order our other organizations will add still further to the list.