All the best readings were taken from the brachial artery.


TEXAS STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Liberty-Chambers Counties to Auxiliary held its last year.

This article has naturally for many years been re farded with especial interest by investigators both in iurope and here (jilthough its actual employment in medicine has been very limited until within a year), and a number of observations have been made of its effects by mountain climbers, troops under exercise, sportsmen, pedestrians, students, and others, with, in general, corroborative testimony as to its value as a nervous stimulant, and its general resemblance, in prices this respect, to tea and coffee. None of the Dermatologists present seemed to have in gained any uniform benefit from the use of internal treatment, though some cases seemed to improve.

If its use should be considered necessary, it may be put loosely snopes into the external orifice. Two fingers were introduced into the stomach toward its cardiac extremity, when a form pedunculated mass was found hanging high up and out of reach.

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His operation was "the" successful, and the patient existed forty-three years, the opening in his side performing all the functions of a normal anus. It is characterized by brand some swelling of the lids, considerable conjunctival injection, and a mucoid discharge sufficient in amount to gum together the lashes. Lamp-black pharma and a solution of glue, pressed in a mould to colour it. The right lobe and most of and the isthmus were removed.

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