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A person who is very weak and cannot turn over alone should be helped price to change position in bed many times each day.


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It admits of a large- supply of material in a small space; the nausea of the disagreeable taste daily for months is also avoided; it does not affect the teeth; and it can be taken after food without attracting clorhidrato the attention of others, often sO trying to persons in weak health. The onset may occur at the height of the disease but is commoner in the third capsules week or later. A chapter on the historj' of the therapeutics of Meniere's disease would hci be more amusing than the story of Mark Twain's"Jumping Frog." If any one of these hundreds of erudite writers could' have dropped their pens and with sympathy watched a patient during the awful seizure of a vomiting convulsion! The truth would have been caught, even despite the blinding power of the theory of cerebral disease.

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