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As we have seen, the radioactive value of radioactive water may be and is measured in terms of Mache aldactone units, just as the electricity we use and pay for in our homes or industrially is measured in terms of kilowatts, or as commodities are measured in terms of pounds or bushels. An important aid to the diagnosis of croupous pneumonia is the increase in effects the number of the polymorphonuclear white cells, the so-called leukocytosis of croupous pneumonia. These signs are positive and valuable indi cations of disease: mg. Nine years ago he experienced his first adverse apoplectic attack, which involved the entire left side of his body and for a brief period his speech. While in the majority loss of cases these positive signs of croupous pneumonia may be found in a more or less well-developed form, it is not to be forgotten that negative signs may be as valuable in making a diagnosis.

Gynecomastia has been reported buy rarely. He for asked for the cooperation of the doctors in this matter.

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With due precaution, there is a wide and sure distance between physiological and toxic effects, yet, with reference to remedies such as I side shall refer to, how few physicians understand and appreciate that the curative effects are obtained in just that interval between physiological and toxic effects.

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