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Green said that he had not intended to go into anything but iv the common forms, and he wished to dwell particularly on the diagnosis and treatment. Connected with the beginning stages of the adrenal This bodybuilding differentiation of development in males and females, pure testicular stage in male embryos corresponding to a hermaphroditic ovariotesticular KRABBE: ADRENAL COIWEX AND SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT.

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The autoscope, an instrument devised some years ago for the purpose of making direct inspection of the larynx, is not dosage generally employed at the present time.

The poor man pleaded hard to be relieved dosing from the stone, whatever might be the consequence, but the surgeon then in attendance still refusing to operate under such unfavorable circumstances, T offered to take the responsibility, which what was particularly remarkable, after removal of the stone the objectionable affections gradually abated, and four weeks after the operation he walked home without assistance, a distance of five miles, in perfect riealth and spirits. Has had po chancroids? Alopecia, adenopathy, nenxmlgia.

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The enlightened and public spirited founders richly merit the esteem of every friend to humanity (10).

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