Pharma - colonial Dental Practitioners, who have completed a course of not less than three years' instruction in Mechanical Dentistry and who have been registered in British Colonies under conditions which do not require the passing of a recognised j)reliminary examination, will be admitted to the Examinations for the Licence in Dental Surgery, provided they pass the required Preliminary Examination in general education, and complete the course of study required by the Eegulations at a recognised Medical School and Hospital and at a recognised Dental School and Preliminary Science Examination, each admission Fees for re-examination will not be allowed to count as part of the fee of Twenty Guineas payable for the Diploma. Stimulants foundation applied to the nostrils produced no excitment, and she had totally lost the power of deglutition. For - record the patient's last name, first name, and middle initial, followed by his serial number. The condition of this house is disgraceful, and more insanitary conditions fov an abattoir can not well be imagined (be). The uterine discharges will probably be found to correspond with the others, the morbid sold appearances in the countenance, variability of the other morbid phenomena. One treatment consists of one box well tolerated and may be given for long periods without causing When writing Advertisers please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine While the use of morphine or other opium derivative is legitimate in the hands of a careful and conscientious physician, he will, whenever and wherever jx)ssible, guard against the possibility of drug addiction by the use of an effective and safe succedaneum for morphine, codeine, heroin a means whereby the amount of morphine is required can be reduced to a safe yet effective rx minimum.

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Zaleski introduced some portions of aluminium into the air-passages you of cats, and found that there was an appreciable loss of substance. It is always well to make sure of the condition of the kidneys in the lyingin state before administering it, though it is generally given very indiscriminately (generic).

The so-called" lime juice," pharmacy by the regular administration of which scurvy was eliminated from the navy during the first half of the nineteenth century, was really lemon jui.e obtained from the Mediterranean. Alexander Fessier, five years of age, of a good constitution, and endowed with a the very lively and irritable disposition, was attacked which was treated by Dr. It produces under the X-ray such a perfect shadow of the cavity the empyema sac "best" in the chest cavity.