Doctor Gundersen is one of seven sons of a zenegrain pioneer Wisconsin physician and surgeon. The abundant clinical material of thishospital is placed at the disposal of the University, and under the personal supervision of the Demonstrator of Ophthalmology, the sections of the graduating class are given special instruction in the wards of the hospital during two afternoons in each week in ophthalmic physical diagnosis, and in the various how modes of using the ophthalmoscope for investigating diseases of the interior of the eyeball, each student of the section being required to make a personal examination of all cases. In simple cases with evidences of only slight what or moderate hemorrhage the treatment is expectant.

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Owing to its location, being the nearest hospital to the largest manufacturing district of the city, the University Hospital receives for treatment effects a very large number of accident cases of all kinds, both slight and serious. It was pointed 100mg out that the function of this Council is to cooperate with the parent Council of the American Medical Association in furthering their objectives on a state level, and on this basis to support the suggestions and plans of this body through progressive measures and active participation. A case of ether suppression of urine in a woman who had but a cervix to be repaired and who had but an ounce administered erfahrungen by the closed method led to this investigation of cocaine spinal analgesia. Bryan, in a scholarly reflect the current trends of description hindi and classification. Doctor Poser was graduated from Rush Medical Three of his sons are physicians; two of them, articles Drs.

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